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                                                           City Virtual Travel Guides
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Las Vegas         Bangkok       Boston              London     Barcelona             Dublin            Frankfort       Tokyp              Honolulu            Paris          New Orleans       Nsples
This site contains travel an adventure movies from all over the world. It is best viewed
with a broadband modem and Windows Media Player, Version 9.0.

American Experience Videos
View videos and panoramic views about the American Experience.

Archaeology Channel World Videos
See over 50 videos of archaeological digs throughout the  world.

Arm Chair Travel

View the Taj Mahal, St. Paul's Cathedral, Piccadilly Circus, Westminster Abbey,
 and the Berlin Reichstag and other panoramic views using Quicktime VR.

Art Museums Tour
Tour many of the world's famous art museums.

Check out the thrill of the white water rafting clip of the week.

Ballet Companies on the Web
A complete list of ballet companies throughout the world.

Experience Bangkok and Thailand in the Virtual World and listen to an Elvis impersonator attending an Elvis Impersonator Convention in Thailand.

 Watch Barcelona, Ibiza, and Majorca in the Virtual World and learn about Picasso, Dali, Gaudi, and Miro. Listen to Jose Carrara sing.

Look at Virtual Boston. Did you know that more tourists visit  Fanuiel Hall and Quincy Market than Disneyland?

Brussels and Belgium
Let Inspector Poirot give you a tour around Belgium.

See the Royal Palace panoramic views and the look at the beautiful women.

View C-Span three TV channels and its radio channel to see what your  Representatives and Senators are doing with your money.

Chat Lines-World wide
Communicate with people all over the world.

China Virtual Tours
A extensive video tour of China

Classical Archives
Listen to the music of over 1500 composers

NEW-Dance Videos-Renaissance to Today

Discovery Channel
Ride the world's greatest roller coasters in the virtual world for an adrenaline high.

Disney World Virtual Tour
Visit Disneyworld, Orlando Florida in the virtual world

Dublin and Ireland
Explore the Emerald Island including the pubs and its famous writers.

Experience white water rafting in South America

Feed Room(Netscape)
View the weekly and daily news.

 Festivals of the World
Virtually participate in festivals throughout the world

Field and Stream
Fishing and Hunting in the Virtual World featuring bass fishing.

Full Page Panoramic Views
See QTVR and Java Full page panoramic views of all the world's treasures

Funny Commercials and Videos.
Watch over 100 funny commercials and videos.

NEW-Games, games, and more games

NEW-Genealogy/Ancestors WebSite
  Check yiur ancestry and relaive surnames on the Internet

Geographic Panoramics-North America
Hundreds of North American Panoramic Views

Find your German Heritage.

Google Virtual  Tours
Spend the day virtually traveling the world

This site is for the outdoor enthusiasts  including skiing and skateboarding.

Hawaii Virtual Experiences
Check the surfs up and erupting volcanoes videos

History Channel
View these recent history audios and videos

Explore the Remote Places of the World

NEW-Incredible Adventures
Ride a jet over Moscow or Sydney. Drive a tank in Sherman Texas, and many others

Explore India with over 50 videos.

A Wonderful Virtual Tour of Italy

Las Vegas
See the Las Vegas Hotels and Shows virtually and save money.

Librarary of Congress Webcasts

Travel to Lisbon, virtually and experience the
Portuguese lifestyle

View Virtual London. Its almost as good as being there.

Magazines Galore
Over 150 current magazines with an archive of thousands.

Macromedia FLASH presentations .

Maps, The World of Maps
Never be without a map again. This site has a map of every major city and country in the world.

Meditatation Site-NEW
Study mediation techniques om the web.

Melbourne Australia Virtual Tour
Visit Melbourne virtually and learn about this wonderful city.

Discover the remarkable culture of Mexico

Mosey Around Europe With Saraphina
This travelogue is a classic. View Europe through the words of Saraphina

Motorcycle Tour of Europe
A  couples' six month tour of Europe on a motorcycle. Great stuff.

Munich - Celebrate Oktoberfest virtually (bring your own beer and bratworst}

NEW-Music videos
See and listen to all of your favorite artists.

National  Geographic
Experience the sights and sounds of our world including movies and Flash Presentations.

NASA's Greatest Moments
View  the two John Glenn's flights and the last walk on the moon.

Nature Video Clips-Hundreds

Net Cities
Virtual tours of New York, London, Paris, Prague, Tokyo, and others

New York City
Visit Times Square, Broadway Shows, and the Brooklyn Bridge

NOVA Videos
Eight hours of streaming videos  including The Elegant Universe.

NEWOne HundredThings to Do Before You Die
Experience all your Life's Desires in the Virtual World

A Virtual Tour of Paris including learning basic French, PARIS LIVE, 100 fashion shows, a fireworks display, and Catherine DeNeuve.

Visit the city where the US was founded and listen to the natives describe their city.

Visit the virtual world of Lisbon and the Algave

Reference Desk
Contains every reference source known to mankind.

Throw your virtual coins into the Trevi Fountains and see the treasures of the Vatican,

New-Route 66
Get your kicks on Route 66

NEW- Safari=Sounds
View and listen to the sounds of wild animals all over the world.

San Francisco
Ride the cable car virtually and listen to Tony Bennet.

Sistine Chapel
One of the most popular virtual sites on the internet. View the wonderful works of Michaelangelo and other renaissance artists.

Skyhigh Airlines
A spoof on airline travel. Special Price-Waco Texas to Elko Nevada with four stopovers, Rattlesnake New Mexico, Houhghtons Hole Arizona, Virginland, Utah, and Miami,Montana-the garden spot of the north- for just $12,341.00 every other week.

Solar System
Explore the Universe in Virtual Reality

Stars and Stripes Travel Article Archives

Visit Sydney and Australia in the virtual world and check out the Outback, Aboriginal Music,  and the Opera House.

 TLC-The Learning Channel

A fascinating virtual tour of old Tokyo (Edo) done with beauty and grace

Travel Europe Panoramically
Hundreds of VRs of most major European Countries

Travel On Line
Visit the Mayan Temples and other wonderful sites.

Travel Themes
Do you like visiting weird places? Maybe you like to visit museums , or stare at pretty girls at the beach.

TV and Radio Stations-All

NEW-UCSD Webcasts= Hunfreds of  web casts on Health, Opera Science etc.

Take a ride in a virtual gondola and see the Doge's palace.

NEW-Video Clip Screening Room
Hundreds of Video clips on just about every subject

Vienna  Listen to the music of Mozart, Strauss, and Shubert

Virtual Guide Books-NEW
Over 4000 panoramic views of the Western US, Canada and Baja

Virtual Maps
Interesting city maps

Virtourist- Many Virtual Tours
Contains over 100 city photo and video virtual tours.

Virtual Tourist
Communicate with residents and visitors before you travel there.

Web Cams of the World by Mimi
 View thousands of web cams from all over the world in real time.

NEW-WebTV List
Watch your favorite TV programs on your computer.

Wonders of the World
View the ancient, natural and modern wonders of the world.

Worldwide Travel Guide-NEW
50,000 Destinations

World War II Chronological History
An excellent WW II history resource

Zoo Videos-(San Diego Zoo)