Sydney Australia Virtual Tour and Travel Guide
 by Ed Prifogle



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Virtual Tour

Sydney is world-class city, and a population approaching five million people;  however,  it still possesses a  small-town, easy-going charm.  Start your virtual adventure. Lets begin by looking at  these Sydney panoramic view by Peter Murphy and these panoramic views.

  1. Look at these outstanding Virtourist.
  2. Listen to a Sydney radio station 
  3. Read the Sydney Daily Newspapers.
  4. See this  harbor  real time  cam. (if it is working?)
  5. Look at these Sydney Harbor and Opera House Panoramic Views
  6. Listen to the aboriginal sounds of Australia,
  7. Look at Virtual Byron Bay, where the Sydney Residents go on holiday.
  8. See these  movie clips about Winter Time Down Under and Crossing the Harbor Bridge.
  9. View some of the highlights of Sydney TV.
  10. Hear a rendition of Waltzing Matilda.
  11. See this Sydney travelogue  of this wonderful city. 
  12. Listen to this insightful discussion about the wonders of Australia.
  13. Listen and see the PBS program Australia, Beyond our Fatal  Shores.
  14. Look at these exhibits from the Powerhouse Museum.
  15. Watch this 8 minute Australia Promotional Video-56k | 100k | 300k | Broadband
  16. Watch this 6 minute  Australia/Tasmaina Promotional Video 56k | 100k | 300k | Broadband
  17. Check the current weather conditions
  18. Military Space A travelers should read Bill Mathews Sydney Australia Trip Report with Jack Doshier very informative.

The year 2000 Olympics,( see pictures) heralded as being Sydney's coming-of-age ceremony, alarmed many locals because of the many changes,  the greatly improved transport infrastructure, the improved and beautified city streets and parks, and the luxury hotels and apartments. One of the major highlights of Sydney is the Opera House. See these VRs



Sydney was established in 1788, The  creation of Canberra in 1927 as capital of Australia  was intended to cool the  rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne.  Many Sydney residents still believe their city remains the true capital of Australia, The city has a sense of history in the old stone walls and well-worn steps in the backstreets around The Rocks, while the sandstone cliffs, rocks and caves amongst the bushlined harbor still contain Aboriginal rock carvings, evocative reminders of a more ancient past.

Sydney is in many ways a microcosm of Australia as a whole. A thrusting, high-rise business center , a  gay community in Darlinghurst, inner-city deprivation with the highest Aboriginal population of any Australian city, and the traffic-fumed and flat suburban sprawl of the Western Suburbs, are as much part of the scene as the beaches, and the harbor.  Sydney seems to have two worlds –  it's seen at its  best from the deck of a harbor ferry. It's at its most varied in its neighborhoods,  for their lively café and restaurant scenes. Getting away from the city center and exploring them is an essential part of your  Sydney'experience .

A short ferry trip across to the  North Shore accesses tracts of largely intact bushland, with bushwalking and native animals and birds right on the doorstep. In the summer the city's hot offices are abandoned for the  ocean and harbor beaches along the eastern and northern suburbs. Day trips away offer a taste of virtually everything you'll find in the rest of Australia. There are magnificent national parks and native wildlife – Ku-Ring-Gai Chase and Royal being the best known of the parks, an hour's drive from the center of town. North of the center the Central Coast is great for surfers, The Blue Mountains offer tea rooms, scenic viewpoints and  bushwalking. On the way, and along the Hawkesbury River, are historic colonial towns. Inland to the northwest is the Hunter Valley.