Peace and Serenity in Boston

At 6:30 AM on Friday morning, I left my hotel and walked over to the Boston Public Gardens.   A bright haze
illuminated the gardens caused by the rising sun reflecting off the park lagoon. As I entered the park, I
observed several interesting situations. There was a man laying across a park bench, his head covered
with a black vinyl cape, sleeping soundly. As I proceded down the path, I watched four elderly gentlemen
having a lively discussion in Chinese. I stopped and greeted them.

I asked the gentlemen " How do you say 'Good Morning Gentlemen' in Chinese?"
All four gentlemen responded  
gm(nee  how).  I thanked them and wished them all a wonderful, bountiful day.

As I approached the ornate bridge that spans the lagoon, I saw a young lady with her infant son looking
at the elegant swans majestically floating about their domain. The swans would stop occasionally and
dunk their heads into the lake  causing  their "fannies" to raise upward creating an interesting
and humorous image.

As I crossed the bridge, the little boy and his mother smiled at me. I smiled back. 
These experiences complemented by the aesthetic beauty of the gardens made me
feel at peace even in a troubled world.

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