Paris Virtual Tour and Travel Guide  by Ed Prifogle

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Bonjour Paris's Virtual Maps

Begin Our Adventure
st chappelle
St Chapelle

Bonjour. Come, mon ami, Paris awaits us. 
Use this  French Lesson teacher and interactive map to learn how to locate and book a hotel and take a taxi to our virtual hotel in French.
Practice this simple French vocabulary lesson and visit the tourist bureau to ask for our virtual Museum and Metro Passes. 
Learn how to get around this lovely city by virtually learning about each arrondisement and viewing their attractions.
Study these Insites Newsletters by Linda Thalman
Watch this  spectacular Eiffel Tower fireworks and light show event.
Look at  these great photos of Paris by DH Henry, these photos by Peter Langer and these wonderful  photos.
Fall in love with France  by watching these people tell us about their love of France.

See Paris panoramically and experience the magnificence of this beautiful city .
View this map. It locates all the major Paris attractions for us.
Look at this Hyundai Commercial to learn secrets about the French lifestyle.
See these beautiful  panoramic views of Paris at twilight from the Eiffel Tower..  
Isn't it amazing that such a beautiful place exists on this planet.

Museums and other Attractions

Let us continue our virtual experience. We will visit the museums and other city treasures.
  1. Visit  the Lourve here for a QTVR Tour and  view their many treasures virtually
  2. The Museé d'Orsay to see all the wonderful impressionist paintings.
  3. Virtual photographic walk around Paris,
  4. and a panoramic tour of major attractions
  5. Complete photographic, panoramic and video tour of  city attractions (en francais)
  6. Another wonderful QTVR presentation 
  7. Visit  the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries at Cluny

  Touring the City- and Paris LIVE

See and listen to Isn't this the most civilized place in the world?

Experience Paris LIVE by viewing  a traffic map showing  existing traffic conditions and these web cams showing Paris attractions;  then watch TV Programs in French.  Look at these Parisian city scenes (Web Cams)
Check out this site and see over 100 fashion designs by famous Parisian designers. To catch up on current events, read the latest issue of  Paris-Match. Pause for a moment and have a croissant at a cafe in Montmatre.Then view this wonderful Amelie's Multimedia Slide Show.

  Parisian Experiences

Listen to visitors tell stories of their Paris  adventures including "Taking your Children to Paris", and "Shopping in the Department Stores of Paris for discounts."
Check out the major department stores and flea markets to learn where they are located. 
Look at Galieries Lafayette Haussmann to become familiar with the latest Parisian fashions.
Learn more about this wonderful city from residents and visitors and chat with Parisians?
Listen to children from the International School of Paris express animal sounds from their native country.
Read 307 reviews of tourists who visited Paris.

Galleries Lafayette   

Learn about the best restaurants and watch movie clips showing
  1. A tour of the City of Light,
  2. The Battlefields of Normandy
  3. Living in a Chateau in the French countryside and
  4. Taking a special boat ride on the Seine.

  History and  Heroes

To know Paris one must know its history, and its heroes. 
Examine the lives of several of them. France is the land of
  1. Napoleon,
  2. Joan of Ark
  3. King Louis XIV
  4. Honore de Balzac
  5. Victor Hugo
  6. Baudelaire
  7. Charles De Gaulle
  8. Rodin
  9. Monet
  10. Manet and other Impressionists
  11. Jean Paul Sartre
  12. Madam Curie
  13. Brigette Bardot

  Shows and Special Tours.

Paris nightlife is magnifique with the can -can girls. 
See the shows at the Moulin Rouge (movie trailer),
View the Folies Bergere
Study the history of the Paris Opera Ballet.
         Degas- Dance Greenroom

Several prominent foreigners are buried in Cimetière du Père Lachaise including Chopin and Moliere and Jim. 
Visit  Jim Morrison's grave. It is one of the city's most popular attractions especially for teen-agers and young adults .
Their other interests include the gargoyles of Notre Dame, and the catacombs.
Take a
tour of the catacombs. As the young ones tell me, "It's a Goth thing.".
Listen to  "I love Paris in the springtime, I love Paris in the fall"

Tous Fini

Maybe because of the European Union, the Parisians are being civil to us visitors these days. Some of them even speak English to us. Mon Dieu! what is the world coming to?  End your tour by seeing these full page panoramics of the Riviera and these panoramics about the rest of France
Send  a Paris virtual post card  to a friend or moi.

Adieu, mon ami.
Ed Prifogle

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