New York City Virtual Travel Guide

by Ed Prifogle

Special Featured Links:
1. The sights and sounds of Times Square New Years Eve-Jan 1, 2004 Panoramic.
2. Light Tribute to 9/11 Victims Panoramic.
3. Central Park Virtual TourNEW

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  1. Click here to view Times Square web cams
  2. Click here to view other city sites.
  3. Use this map to locate and view all the city attractions
  4. Panoramically view these city attractions.
  5. Watch these 4 movies about city attractions, nightlife, shopping, and dining.
  6. Listen to these 7  audio tapes describing the wonders of the city.
  7. Check out the major city boroughs:
  8. Manhattan
  9. The Bronx.
  10. Brooklyn
  11. Queens
  12. Staten Island
  13. Look at these three video clips about Manhattan, Circling the City, and Wall Street
  14. See what's playing on Broadway.
  15. Take a historical Tour of New Netherlands
  16. Look at this Metropolitan Museum Quicktime Panoramic Scene.
  17. View 35 city traffic webcams
  18. Take a walk in Greenwich Village. 
  19. Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art to view 5000 years of art.
  20. For something different, try a cell phone tour of the lower east side.
  21. Watch MSNBC for the latest local and national news videos and web casts.
  22. Listen to this Savvy Traveler audio about the New York Public Library.
  23. See Ground Zero panoramics 10 days after.
The major sport teams are the Yankees and Mets in Baseball, the football Giants, the basketball Knicks and Nets, and the NY Rangerslist of famous New Yorkers. in hockey.  Look at this


Any attempt to define New York today recalls the Zen wisdom that you can't step in the same stream twice. The city is so mutable, so constantly changing, that it's almost impossible to get a fix on. Restaurants and nightclubs become trendy overnight, then die under the weight of their own popularity. (Yogi Berra had the perfect phrase for that very phenomenon: "Nobody goes there anymore; it's too crowded.") Fashions, almost by definition, change in the time it takes to try on a pair of vinyl pants. Broadway shows, exercise fads, even neighborhoods are all subject to the same Big Apple fickleness. But within this ebb and flow lies the answer: No other place keeps you on your toes ite like New York City. Nowhere else is the challenge so tough, the pace so relentless, the stimuli so everchanging and insistent--and the payoff so rewarding. Simply put, New York never gets boring. Anything can happen here.

sol The city has a special magnetism--a charisma, if you will--that pulls in the intelligent, the creative, the determined, the overbearing, and the overblown from all over the world. Just about any language and any dialect is spoken here, from Mandarin to Brooklynese; no other dot on the map is quite so ethnically, culturally, socially, and economically diverse. This is the nerve center of world finance and trade. The international hub of advertising, publishing, entertainment, and fashion. The creative core for the arts. The top showcase for pure celebrity. And, now as never before, a huge magnet for travelers from all over the country and around the globe, in search of a brief glimpse of it all.

Prior to the WTC tragedy, the city was in top form, its finest in more than 50 years. The economy is down because of recent events, and crime is down. Everywhere you look, things are being refurbished and the city is steadily improving. It has even become, believe it or not, family-friendly--just look at the new peep show- and porn-free Times Square. Few alive today have ever seen the city so friendly, so manageable. New Yorkers love to wax nostalgic about the good-old, bad-old days, but the fact is the city was starting to change its negative image

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