Ed Prifogle

September 18, 2003


Volume 1. Issue 9
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  1. Letter From The Editor
  2. Making the "Internet" Come Alive.
  3. The Virtual World For The Military and Veterans

Letter From the Editor

The BBC Travel Section recently ran a survey and asked their readers "What places would you like to visit or revisit before you die". Their English readers selected The Grand Canyon as their first choice,  the Great Barrier Reef, their second choice, the Taj Mahal their third choice,  Florida was fitfh and Las Vegas was seventh.

In general, travelers flying Military Space Available, select their desired destinations based on the origin and the destinations of the military space available flights.

I asked myself, " How can I visit all the places that I would like to see before I die?". Because of my age, and physical and financial reasons, I am limited in the places I can visit.
The solution is that I can visit them all in the virtual world on my computer.

Recently I bought myself a "Dual G4 MAC" with all the bells and whistles. I added a cable modem and I was in business. I now have all the multimedia assets I need to create and experience destinations the virtual world.

For example, I love Paris and Montreal ( I must have been French in an earlier life). I visit Montreal around six times a year, and Paris when I can afford it.  Today, I can visit Paris and Montreal from my living room at no expense.

There are two other questions that I ask myself.
  1. How many friend and family, and military buddies from my past would I like to communicate with on a regular basis.
  2. What activities would I like to do.
For example, the internet allowed me to locate and communicate with my ex buddies of the 36th Troop Carrier Squadron. I regularly email four of them. I chat live with one of them using AOL Instant Messanger.

Maybe I would like to keep up to date on what's going on in the Pentagon All I need to view these two minute programs is to have downloaded Real Player, or  maybe I want to get some information on my next trip to Italy or Sicily using military space available and landing in Aviano, Naples, or Sigonella .

Some other sites that have been very useful are:


The first question I asked myself is :"What kind of modem do I need to really enjoy what the internet has to  offer?  The right answer for me is a cable modem.

I was tired of waiting for files to be downloaded and pictures to displayed in my browser using a 56kb modem.

The next question was "What type of multimedia tools do I need that will allow me to listen to mp3s,  music and audio, view movies, panoramic displays, web cams, TV and Radio, on the web, view virtual tour maps and 3D pics.

Here is a list of multimedia tools that I downloaded:
  1. Real Player- For Movie Clips and Audio.
  2. Windows Media Player-For Movie Clips and Audio.
  3. Java Enabled Plug-in-For Web Cams and Movie Clips.
  4. Quicktime-Movies, Audio, and Panoramic Views.
  5. FLASH and Shockwave-For Browser Special Effects, Games and Cartoons.
  6. IPIX- For Panoramic Views.
  7. Internet Explorer-For Displaying Web Pages.
  8. Netscape Broswer-AOL Instant Messanger, Composer and Displaying Web Pages.
  9. C3D- For 3 Dimensional Projections.

All these downloads were free,however,  the companies offer "premium" versions of their downloads with enhanced features.  My experience is that the "free" downloads fullfill my needs.

In summary, these downloads with a cable modem have made the Internet an enjoyable, rewarding, and informative tool and allow me to develop my concept of the virtual travel world for the Military, Veterans, and their families.


Simply stated, to travel virtually is to use the internet and its multimedia tools to research and experience your travel destination(s). The advantages are:

  1. Its Free
  2. Its a great travel planning research tool allowing you to "view it before you do it".
  3. It broadens your knowledge of the world by giving access to every imaginable travel destination.
  4. For people with limited emotional, physical, and financial resources, it allows them the joy of experiencing places that could never visit in the real world.

My Paris Page uses the internet and its multimedia tools to allow the user to truly experience Paris in the virtual world. There are lovely pictures, songs,
live scenes, movies, and panoramic views, virtual tours, and conversations with residents and vistors past and present. There are virtual trips to all the major Paris attractions including the shows . There are beautiful paintings and scuptures from the world's greatest artists. You can ride the subway and walk up the Eiffel tower, virtually.

While you are at it , view my Sydney Australia, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Munich, Honolulu, Bangkok pages. Many more to follow.