VOLUME 1, ISSUE 4             JUNE 14, 2002



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Welcome to the fourth issue of the
newsletter. This issue contains an article on touring the European art museums, a link to Ed and Joys Bavarian Travels
Bavarian Info for Ramstein and Rhein-Main travelers and selected information and links to military travel discounts
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Ed Prifogle 


Commercial Space Available

At the request of SA Traveler, I am repeating this article. If the military traveler purchases an air-hitch voucher prior to departing, its an insurance, that if stranded at an AMC center, they will be able to get a commericial flight back to the US.If the voucher is not used i.e. they were able to get a military flight back, the cost of the voucher is refunded to the buyer minus a $39.00 processing fee and shipping cost. In effect its a $50.00 hedge against getting stranded.

The rules for commercial space avaialble flights have many similarities to military space avaialbe flights in that both require flexibility relative to dates and destinations.Another benefit of an Air-Hitch voucher is that there are many more departure and destination options, and may be in some instances be a cheaper way that military space available to get to your ultimate destination and return.

Air-Hitch gives military travelers a $10.00 discount when placing SPACE-A in the code box when ordering.

There are three other sites that sell commercial Space Available Vouchers and tickets. They are:
AirHitch| Air-Tech| Air Courier

There are several other sites that require you to pay a fee to join that offer major airline discount fares from/to Europe:
Best Fares| Cheap Tickets| Cheap Flights|

Other Suggestions

Always check the local classifieds for discount flights back to your point of origin prior to purchasing a full fare commercial flight. Set up a plan to accumulate frequent flyer miles. You can use them to get discounted air fares even if you do not have enough for a free flight. My next article will show you how to get free air miles just for surfing the net, or as a reward for a major purchase. Click Here for an example on how to accumulate free air miles.


Tour the following sites in the virtual world. Many of the world's art masterpieces reside in Europe. This list contains the locations of the world's finest art collections

As well as viewing these masterpieces in the virtual world, military travelers can enrich their life by physically touring these great museums and churches. Click here for travel information to these famous art museums

For example: