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WANTED-Bandana Manufacturer to assist Jim Bagley in supplying red banadanas and hankerchiefs to viewers of Dirks board in order to identify them to SA Traveler as they await flights from Hickam to CONUS.
Information on Dirk's Get Together at Charleston AFB on May 24th and 25th. (Bob Meagle)

"Hello Everyone. Let me give y'all some information about the party and then pose some questions. First, I know that it's silly to point out; but remember to have your ID card with you. Access to the base is somewhat restricted and that ID card helps ease the way. 

Next, the Charleston Club" is an "all ranks" club at Chasn AFB. Membership is not necessary for entry; but again, be sure to have your ID card with you. The club is located in Bldg 325 and it's phone# is (843) 963 3920. The phone # for the pax terminal is (843) 963 3082/3083 and you can get some flight infothere. It is not a Reserve training weekend at the AFB so there should be a lot of space at the BOQ's. Lodging aboardthe AFB is called the "Inns of Charleston" and that phone # is (843) 963 3806. 

I'm not sure of their "Space-A"reservation policy. When I stayed there last week, the charge was $26.50 which ain't bad for the Chasn area. The Dining Facility Mgr at the AFB, MSGT Lotito has kindly offered his assistance and the use of some of the DF equipment. 

We are currently planning on a simple meal menu, charcoal grilled "burgers 'n dogs", macaroni salad(both with and w/o tuna for you "purists"), pretzels, chips, pickles, olives, salt/pepper. We'll also have paper plates, napkins, etc there too. I think that it will be easier to make a couple of runs to the BX/Comm/Class VI store to get whatever beverages y'all wish rather than for me or Dirk to decide. I have reserved one of the picnic pavillions near"outdoor rec" and we'll have signs of sorts out to direct you. 

That's where we're at so far. I'm open to comments,suggestions, or questions and you should be able to "hotlink" to my e-mail above. Now, tell me what I've forgotten and/or what else you'd like to have. Oh, one more thing. Please let Dirk know how many to expect so that we have an appropriate amount of food prepared. Thanks. I'm looking forward to seeing the "GA crowd" again and to meeting new friends. Bob 



Welcome to the first issue of the Military Hops Gazette.  The contents of this publication includes current news of interest to those hardy souls who fly Space Available and other travelers. It contains an article about Dirk's Get Together in Charleston on May 24th.. Other news is that Skip has a new version of his Space Available Travel Guide in production
 New Compact Space A Guide

The  "Featured Trip Report of the Month" was posted on the
European Destinations page about Allen Wood and his family. Allen Wood's and Family Space A Adventure .  also view Kelly's wonderful Germany trip report that was just posted on Dirks board..

I receive a great deal of military and travel discount information from many sources on a weekly basis. I wll cull them and highlight them in the newsletter. I'll also view Dirk's board and include selectiv For example here is some info on two Military Retiree Handbooks:

"FEDweek has just published both The 2002 Retired Military Personnel Handbook and The 2002 Military Reservist Handbook.These new "in-print" comprehensive handbooks are very valuable to the military community (active and reservist) and are specifically designed to guide you through every aspect of your retirement and reservist benefits that you have earned, as well
 as providing a context for making important decisions that lie ahead. For more details about these new 2002 militaryhandbooks and how to order, go to:
  or you can call toll-free (888)333-9335 to place your order." 

The newsletter icludes an article on Space A favorite vacation spots like the  Iwakuni article we did for Allen Jeska. He just posted his trip report on Dirks board. Iwakuni Tour Guide (For Allen)

The site's updates for  Military and Veteral Travel
will be referenced. This newsletter is aa tool that will allow people to share their personal experiences with others in a different format than Dirk's Board. I intend to solicit articles from board regulars as well as PAX reps and Loadmasters.



Pete Roberts sent me an email about the Cathay Pacific Newsletter. For travelers 55 and over, there are no fees for changing your flight or flight date, a great feature since change fees can be as high as $100.00 with other airlines.