Las Vegas Virtual Tour and Travel Guide

by Ed Prifogle and M. Katherine McGovern

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Las Vegas

The Entertainment
Capital of the World

As part of your planned trip to Las Vegas, view clips of the shows and performers.Watch this 30 minuite Movie by the Intrepid Berkeley Explorer about the highlights of the city . Best viewed with broadband and Windows Media Player, Version 9.0 Check out these special rates. Then listen to this new  interview audio and  these  ten movies. Also view   four clips as part of your trip in the virtual world, You can walk the streets of Las Vegas interactively and take a visual journey in real time down the strip prior to your arrival and it will not cost you a dime.

A typical stay for a Las Vegas vacation is four days. The best rates for a hotel are from Sunday thru Thursday.  Some suggestions are Caesars Palace, Bally's, The Bellagio, The RivieraParis or the Venetian among many others.Take virtual tours of all the major hotels  and virtual tours of all the major Las Vegas attractions

The opulence of these hotels are breathtaking. Gourmet restaurants and art galleries will leave you awestruck. At night, you can take in all the glitter of the lights that defy imagination and leave you wondering how high their monthly electric bill must be. If your interest is in the theatre, there is the opportunity to attend the yearly Tony Awards as well as attending world famous shows, all within a five minute walk.

Being in the hub of the strip, you can visit many Las Vagas famous landmarks. Going south is the Aladdin, Mandalay Bay, MGM and a replica of the Big Apple, New York. Across the street , a medieval castle, the Luxor with an Egyptian pyramid. Going North, there is the Mirage with a volcano simulation that erupts every hour. Treasure Island has a pirate ship extravaganza. 

 In Las Vegas, there is something to do for everyone. One night, take a short cab ride to the old Vegas downtown on Freemont Street and you will see glittering light shows that you will be talking about for years. Las Vegas is more than just the strip. Lease a car and take a trip to the Red Rock Canyon. The scenery is breathtaking, Be sure to bring a camera. Another short trip would be to drive to Hoover Dam and witness one of the marvels of man’s engineering. There are tourist excursions through the dam that will take you into the depths of their ingenuity.  

There is enough to do in Las Vegas to keep you busy twenty-four hour a day. Plan wisely so that when you arrive, you get to see everything you intended to. It is so easy to be pleasantly distracted by all the sights and sounds. A visit to Las Vegas will be a trip that you will treasure for a life. View these visitor's opinions and suggestions of the strip

  • Over 29 million people visited Las Vegas in 2002.
  • Around 100,000 couples were married in Las Vegas last year!
  • The Las Vegas area (including Laughlin, Mesquite and Primm) has  140,000 hotel rooms. Las Vegas has 120,000 a and has 9 of the 10 largest hotels in the world.
  • Hotel occupancy averages 89 percent annually
  • Las Vegas is the fifth most popular vacation destination in the world for foreign travelers. It is the number two summer destination in the United States and the number one gambling destination in the world!
  • 850 flights a day carry over 2.4 million visitors a month through McCarran Airport making it the 8th busiest airport in the world.
  • The average year-round temperature in Las Vegas is 66 degrees and 30% humidity.
  • Las Vegas has nearly 1000 taxis, 325 limos and 31 bus routes.
  • Over 1.4 million people live in Las Vegas!