A Virtual Journey and Travel Guide of Lisbon
by Ed Prifogle




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Lisbon Virtual Tour

To begin our virtual journey, view this Cico TV video

  1. Lisbon is often referred to as the San Francisco of Europe because of the seven hills, the bridge over the Tagus (Tejo) river which reminds one of the Golden Gate Bridge, and the cable cars.   To experience Lisbon
  2. Let us learn some simple Portuguese expressions.
  3. Listen to  fado music, the blue's music of Portugal
  4. View these real time scenes
  5. Watch Four Lisbon Movie Clips
  6. See this Lisbon Attractions Movie Clip
  7. Travel along Virtual Portugal highway.
  8. Look at Panoramic Vews  about city attractions
  9. Take a virtual photo tour of the city attractions.
  10. We will read Sara's Journal about Lisbon.
  11. Ride a virtual taxi
  12. View Lisbon, photographically.
  13. To fill in your tour,  see these 800 panoramic views of Portugal.
  14. We will view a list of over 400 Lisbon Residents and prior visitors to learn more about  this wonderful city.

cable car
Let's explore the National Coach Museum, the Jerónimos Monastery, and the Alfama and the Castle of St. George. At least two art museums, although not of the caliber of Madrid's Prado, merit attention: the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga and the Museu da Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian. Let's visit the Fundação Ricardo Espírito Santo and watch reproductions of antiques being made or books being gold-leafed.  see the gilded royal galleys at the Naval Museum. We will wander through the fish market, visiting Lisbon's new aquarium, and view the arts and crafts of Belém's Folk Art Museum.

This is the land of Vasco Da Gama Magellan, Cabral, and Diaz, Cabot who explored the world for Henry the Navigator, King of Portugal. View their life history,
Portugese Navigators

Lisbon is a melting pot for many different races and cultures. The athmosphere in the capital of Portugal is very relaxed and cozy. Nobody seems to be in a hurry but still most of the things get done. People are friendly but not pretentous.

Many of the younger people speak English and French, Spanish and Italian and they will help you to understand the lifestyle of the picturesque city. Lisbon is full of old and beautiful buildings packed with adventures history. There's huge monuments everywhere, castles and churches to visit. You will be walking a lot in Lisbon.


Belem Castle

We will learn about Henry the Navigator, and take a a photo tour of St Vincente da  Fora Monestary. We will end our tour by viewing these marvelous To complete your tour, see these Pictures of all Lisbon Churches.