by Ed Prifogle and Dick Reinhardt


 Iwakuni Description

Located in the eastern part of Yamaguchi Prefecture, Iwakuni has a population of about 110,000 people and an area of  5 square miles. Today, it is a town that features its industry, tourism, and the US Marine military base. The cherry blossoms of spring, cormorant fishing in summer, multicolored leaves in fall, and snowscapes of winter provide beautiful backgrounds for the city. And in the stretches along the river near both ends of the Kintai bridge, the quiet atmosphere of Iwakuni, the castle town, remains, gently comforting for those who visit here. 



 Peace Park Tour
Don't forget to visit Hiroshima, a beautiful modern and clean city and It is only a short train ride (less than 20 miles) from Iwakuni. On the way, you will pass by the Inland Sea, a most beautiful sight. The island of Miy-jima is a tourist spot. Check with Iwakuni MWR for tours. In Hiroshima, visit the Peace Memorial Park and Museum, A-Bomb Dome. 


Myjima Island( is a short ferry trip. It lies between Iwakuni and Hiroshima It is a tourist center with the famous floating Torii (Gate) one of three most beautiful sights in Japan. 

"Wild" (hand tamed) deer inhabit the areas where toursts can feed them. There is a monkey reserve on top of the chair lift ride. Depending on how far out you wish to range, We recomend the Himeji Castle (On the Coast between Hiroshima and Osaka) the greatest of the 12 remaining feudal Castles in Japan. 


See the huge Buddha (Tojedi Temple)in Nara  Nara Temples and the Ninja Museum in Iga. Ninjas were the original group who turned into science what the CIA spooks do today. All three attractions can be viewed in a single day with an early start. Visit the temple and the Ninja Museum and Castle in that order. All can be visited in one day by train. See the train schedule under MORE RESOURCES


 The Beautiful Land-Oita (Beppu)
Another day trip is to drive or take a train to Wakamatsu and Beppu on Kyushu. See map..  Beppu is a town built on 3800 hot springs and includes the famous boiling hells--each colored by a different mineral. In cooler pools you can bathe in the mineral hotsprings. Mt Aso-- a very active crater within the worlds largest caldera is impressive. Both can be done by bus and train but you'll probably want to spend more time at the hot springs and a good half day at the Volcano. 


 Torii At Mirajama

Japanese Bridge-UMMA Painting

Military Iwakuni Trip Report

Japan Railroad Schedule (Shinkasen)

 Eerything About Iwakuni
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