Copenhagen and Denmark Virtual Tour and Travel Guide
by Ed Prifogle
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Copenhagen Denmark is one of the most interesting cities in Europe.  View this virtual tour of Denmark. In many ways it reminds one of a fairy tale city with its Tivoli Gardens, its royal castle, and as the birth place of Hans Christian Andersen. It has the oldest surviving monarchy in Europe with King Fredrik and Queen Ingrid. Denmark is the Lego capital of the world and you can see them exhibited in the Tivoli gardensden.

Modern Copenhagen is the largest city in Scandinavia but nevertheless retains a disarmingly provincial, small-town atmosphere that is instantly appealing. Gabled houses, narrow streets and a skyline that is dominated by delicate spires rather than hulking skyscrapers are all typical of the city. Copenhagen is also, arguably, the greenest capital in Europe – much of the centre is reserved for pedestrians, strict anti-pollution laws are enforced and bikes often outnumber cars on the streets. The citizens of Copenhagen seem justifiably proud of their attractive, well-kept city and enjoy a quality of life that they are keen to share with visitors from other countries.
Frederiksborg Castle
fcCopenhagen boasts theatres, museums and a lively, surprisingly cutting-edge nightlife scene. Danish cinema is increasingly making its mark on the international film circuit and Danish furniture, technology and jewellery remain at the forefront of contemporary design. The best the country has to offer can be experienced in the capital city, where design studios rub shoulders with ultra-hip bars and modern architecture boldly occupies the space between 17th-century buildings, military installations and the sea. A road bridge to Sweden, completed in 2000, is helping to make Copenhagen a key focal point for Scandinavia, the Baltic and the rest of mainland Europe.

The climate in Copenhagen is a temperate maritime one and generally quite changeable. Winters are cold and cloudy but summers are warm and sunny. Snowfalls are common between January and March and the wettest season is over the autumnal months of August and October.

The people of Copenhagen have a very laissez-faire attitude about life and are considered one of the most liberal socities in Europe. The transportation system reflect the childlike quality of the city with decorated buses and trains. Hotels are reasonable and during the summer and early fall, despite the hustle and bustle of the city, you can enjoy a serene view of the ocean while sipping coffee at the many cafes that border the sea coast. Recently Denmark was connected to Southern Sweden by a new bridge. Now rather than taking a ferry, you can complete your trip by driving to Sweden over the Oresund Bridge .

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